Volunteer Information



All enquiries from potential volunteers are warmly welcomed and we’d like to thank you for taking the trouble to find out more about how you can contribute to our club. 

The following information has been put together to help answer some of the more commonly asked questions.  If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us in person, by speaking to a committee member or by phone: 

President: Ben 0423 072 666    email: president@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au

Secretary:  Andrea 0401 595 334   email: secretary@beaconsfieldjfc.com.au


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Community Club Football is the heart of Australian Football.  Quality volunteers are critical to the conduct and growth of the game because they determine the quality of the club environment and, hence the experience for players and their families.  Volunteers are the glue that holds together every football club in Australia.  They dedicate hours of time and energy every year, working in a variety of ways and completing many necessary tasks.  Without the dedication of these volunteers, football clubs as we know them would not exist. 


Community football continues to thrive through the efforts of volunteers. 

What defines a Volunteer? Volunteers are representatives from the community who freely choose to give their time and skills to support club activities for no payment other than reasonable reimbursement of out of pocket expenses.  Volunteers come from all age groups, educational backgrounds and genders.  Almost everyone can be looked upon as a potential volunteer to our football club.  You only have to look around the club to realise that all sorts of people volunteer – Mums, Dads, young people, retirees, grandparents etc.  Without the numerous volunteers helping out behind the scenes and on game day, our club would not exist and our teams would not be playing football.

Why do people Volunteer? We recognise that there are many reasons why people volunteer their services to our club.  They may be attracted because of their children’s participation, family or friends, or they may be former players themselves.  Volunteers may also be attracted for other reasons, such as wanting to give something back to the local community or they may simply have a genuine interest in our club and the game of football. People will generally volunteer so they can: have fun, socialise, learn new skills, give something back, help others, fill in time, develop new friends or build self confidence. Regardless of the reason, our club recognizes and appreciates all its volunteers.  Past and present volunteers have also identified that they have gained much personal satisfaction from their participation at our club. 

Volunteers have the responsibility to: Be sure they have the time to devote to the position/task. Be loyal – offer suggestions, but don’t “knock” other people’s ideas. Be willing to learn – training is essential to any job well done. Keep on learning – know all you can about the club and your job.  Welcome supervision – you will do a better job and enjoy it more. Speak Up – ask about things you don’t understand. Be dependable – do what you agree to do. Be a team player – respect the function of other volunteers and treat them fairly  Provide feedback on the work being done 

 Volunteer Code of Practice

  • ·         Volunteers should seek to recognise their motives for volunteering and share this information with the club
  • ·         Volunteers should be committed to high quality service delivery
  • ·         Volunteers should actively accept training & personal development opportunities
  • ·         Volunteers should agree to work responsibly and ethically
  • ·         Volunteers should agree to communicate any concerns that might affect their work relationships or quality of service
  • ·         Volunteers should see themselves as part of a team and share in the decision making where appropriate
  • ·         Volunteers will value and support all team members


 In Summary 

What your club expects from you                                                 What you can expect from your club 

Your Commitment                                                                           Appreciation & Respect

Your Time                                                                                          Information

 Your Enthusiasm                                                                             Consultation & Supervision

 Your discretion                                                                                Recognition 

 Your Honesty                                                                                   Openness & Honesty


Executive Meetings:      are normally held every month or as required throughout the year

General Committee meetings:    are normally held three times throughout the year  

Job Descriptions Are available on request from the Secretary, or from the Club website.  


Game day volunteer positions:

Team Manager

First Aid Trainers

Match Day Manager

Umpires Escort

Water Carrier